Christmas Family Encounter Training - Gospel in a Pear Tree

Teaching parents how to teach their kids in spiritual formation is one of the greatest gifts we get to experience as a Children's Ministry Leader. In this Family Encounter, I have provided you with videos that you may use as is by sharing your screen in a Zoom Room with your families as you interact with them midweek. But what I really hope is that you will use my videos to be inspired to teach the families yourself, after all, you have relationship with the kids and parents and you will have a greater influence on them than I could ever have in a video. I like to say, I provide the platform, you provide the people. I provide the content, you provide the connection.

The choice is up to you and I've got you covered if you need to use the video as is. May God bless you and all you do for the families and children of your church.

This Welcome Video below is downloadable for you to use to help promote your Family Encounter.

Welcome Video for the Gospel in a Pear Tree

Everyone participating in the Gospel in a Pear Tree should have a bible with the New and Old Testaments. I use the New Living Translation for all my teaching. Feel free to pause the teaching videos and ask families to find the scriptures with their kids or you may want to give the families the scriptures before you meet and mark their bibles with a bookmark for easy access during the video. I also highly recommend to encourage parents to let children highlight and write in there bibles. It makes the Word personal for them and they will come back to these verses in the future.

Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996, 2004, 2015 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, a Division of Tyndale House Ministries, Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.


Rather than a Guidebook for this Family Encounter, I have provided you with a script for your families. This is available for you to download to help you rehearse each week to prepare for you to do a presentation with the kids.


All videos can be shared in a Zoom Room or in your Facebook Room in your private group directly from Teachable. Videos cannot be downloaded and stored in computers with the exception of those for promotion. Please contact Leann Woelk directly at [email protected] would like details on how to obtain a license for downloadable videos. All videos and course materials are best viewed on a computer or iPad rather than a phone.


Family Encounters are flexible to be used as your mid-week program for 5 weeks, or a special Family Service. It is done slightly differently from the Kids Encounter which is used when parents are not with their kids during the sessions. Kids Encounters are more suited for Sunday Mornings or after school programming. The Christmas Kids Encounter - Unwrapping Advent coordinates with this Family Encounter.

Each session gives you a video to help you teach the kids and families biblical truths. The teaching videos correspond to the downloadable pdfs. I also suggest songs that will help you with scripture memorization and activities from various websites that will enhance your sessions. 

Onsite Christmas Family Encounter:

It's up to you to choose the order of videos, songs or activities but if you'd like some direction here is what I would recommend:

·       Declaration

·       Song 

·       Truth Verse

·       Online Teaching Video

·       Family Prayer Time

·       Activities 

Online Christmas Family Encounter:

It's up to you to choose the order of videos, songs or activities but if you'd like some direction here is what I would recommend:

Schedule a post with a song that goes with the theme of this session to your private social media group a half hour before you are scheduled to meet. This will serve as a reminder for the parent of the Family Encounter as well as they can participate in the song if they want to with their families before you meet.

This would also work well for an activity that would be fun for the family to do on their own when the meeting is over. You can choose the activity you'd like to highlight for the night and schedule it to post as soon as your meeting is done.

· Song (on their own)

·       Declaration

·       Truth Verse

·       Online Teaching Video ( families use their props at home)

·       Online Leader recaps what the kids heard

·       Family Prayer Time

·       Activities (on their own)


Handle with Care Community is a community of connection and care for every children's ministry leader who wants to have authentic faith, genuine relationships and real conversations. It is not a place to promote your events or sell your products but a place of support for your time of need. There is no cost to join but we do ask you to participate in the conversations because your voice matters in this community. If you are a Children's Ministry Leader in any capacity, you belong in our community.

Once you have enrolled in the The Gospel in a Pear Tree Training, you will be added to the private space in the community called Encounters - Kids and Family. You will be inspired by other leaders who are also leading other Encounters and be able to share your ideas on what you are doing to make the content unique to you and your church.

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