The Finish Line - Free Training Course

As a ministry leader, you need resources that are versatile for your ministry needs. The resources provided in this training are designed to help you have a glimpse of how you can teach children and families about the finished work of the cross of Jesus Christ.

This training is for the Family Encounter, The Finish Line and complements the Kids Encounter, Armored Car and Racing Gear.

The Finish Line is very adaptable to your ministry context: 

  • In your own home: Teach your own children what the finished work of the cross really means to them as a Christian. 
  • In Family Ministry: Purchase the Family Encounter Training Course and come alongside of parents by meeting with them weekly online and going through activities and Tune Up Times (prayer time) together or have a Parent Q&A online event to talk with you about their questions on spiritual formation for their kids. 
  •  In Children's Ministry: Use the Kids Encounter Training Course as a teaching tool for your team, by going through the lessons, watching the illustrations and making notes about the teaching. Then teach the children your own lessons about what it means when Jesus declared, IT IS FINISHED" on the cross!



The Finish Line

FREE TRAINING - The Finish Line

Leann Woelk

As a wife, mother and leader in church ministry, Leann has been serving churches, camps and conferences with enthusiasm for over 30 years with whimsical creativity and thrifty practicality. Her desire is to care for the hearts of those who are on the front lines of ministry. She partners with Ministry Leaders and their churches to provide training, support and care for them and their church families.