Your small church Children’s Ministry gathers for 45 minutes on a Sunday morning in a shared space. How do you cover all the Bible basics for Grade 1 - 6, have fun, and stay on budget? This training course will teach you and your team how to start well, avoid the obstacles and road blocks that often can leave you feeling discouraged and frustrated and how to cross the finish line for the win! Come and learn how to start implementing these strategies this coming week and bring home a victory!

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Leann Woelk

Children's Ministry Specialist

As a wife, mother, grandmother and leader in the ministry of children, Leann has been serving in churches with enthusiasm for over 30 years. Leann is passionate about walking along side leaders who desire to teach children about the fullness of His salvation and hearing from God for themselves. Through whimsical creativity and thrifty practicality leaders will take home ideas they can implement the next day in their ministries. She and her husband Kevin have been married 34 years and have two amazing sons, a beautiful daughter in law and one granddaughter. Leann is the Founder of Handle with Care Ministries and partners with Ministry Leaders and their churches to provide training, support and care to them and their church families.