Handling your Heart and Soul with Care

This video was done in May 2021 when those of us in Alberta, Canada and most of Canada were coming into a third wave of the pandemic. So many leaders were once again discouraged by the lockdowns and I wanted to help them navigate the storm that seemed to be coming once again to our churches.

As the fall of 2021 approaches, we find ourselves positioned for a fourth wave as kids go back to school and there is uncertainty of what it looks like. Our plans may have to change again but there is hope on the horizon. My prayer for you, whether you are in a storm or it has passed, that these Soul Care videos can help you as you move forward in your kids ministry.

Thank you for all you do as a Children's and Family Ministries Leader. I am here to handle your heart with care.

If you need more care and support for yourself as a Children's Ministry Leader, please come join our Handle with Care Community for a community of connection and care for your heart.